Upta Camp CD

Upta Camp CD


Recorded Live at the Comedy Connection in Portland Maine, Don't forget your UPTA CAMP gear to go with it!


  1. Intro 
  2. Weather in Maine 
  3. Pope Larry 
  4. The Porkth of July 
  5. On the Border at Bugaboo Crack 
  6. Lemon Line Einstein 
  7. Go Biggie 
  8. Fat, Dumb, and Happy Birthday 
  9. I Love a Dog 
  10. I hate Cats 
  11. Doggone Crazy 
  12. Precious the Pot Smoking Fish 
  13. Mary J Wanna 
  14. Toke Me, Stroke Me 
  15. Lowenboons vs Maximus Padus 
  16. 529K Plan 
  17. Creepy Clicker Kid 
  18. No Frickin' Around with Count Dadula 
  19. Go Play in the Street 
  20. What's in a Name 
  21. Init Funny 
  22. Dude...I Popped a Boner! 
  23. Upta Camp

Upta Camp CD Cover